Elementary Pick Up Plans

Elementary parents are expected to follow one of two plans for picking up children after school.  

  1. Stay in your vehicle and use the car line drive through. (preferred)
  2. Park in the SELC lot and walk up to the choir room door (corner for 1st and Broadway)

A map is provided to explain the drive through process. (Click here for the map.)  Here are some other important rules to follow.

Timing is everything to keep our process running smoothly:

  • Kindergarten pick-up is from 3:00-3:10
  • 1st -4th grades pick up from 3:15-3:25.

Car Line

  • Please do not get in line before your time.
  • Please hang car tag from your rearview mirror.

Walk Up

  • You may park in the ELC parking lot and walk over to the circle drive with the awning (facing 1st St.)
  • Please hold your car tag and wait outside.  Your child will be called from the choir room and will walk outside to meet you.