Panda and Toucan

Teachers: Ms. Jessica, Ms. Sheila
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Lizzy, Ms. Katie
Songs: Baby Jesus We Love You and My Whole Self

giraffes and elephants

Teachers: Ms. Jessica, Ms. Lindsey
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Gwen, Ms. Ellen
Song: Happy and You Know It

Lemur, Tree Frog, Koala, and Cheetah

Teachers: Ms. Aubrey, Ms. Kristen, Ms. Joann, Ms. Kathleen
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Madi
Songs: Jesus Loves Me and Jingle Jingle Little Bell

Lambs and Bunnies

Teachers: Ms. Mindy, Ms. Sahar, Ms. Melissa, Ms. Summer
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Madi
Song: Jingle Bells

Dolphin and Sea Otter

Teachers: Ms. Tiffany, Ms. Cathy
Assistant Teachers: Ms. Lydia
Songs: Little Drummer Boy and Wrap Up Myself for Christmas

Penguin and Husky

Teachers: Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Shelley
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Hannah
Songs: Baby Jesus We Love You and Jesus Savior of the World

Snowy Owl and Polar Bear

Teachers: Ms. Robin, Ms. April
Assistant Teachers: Ms. Holly
Songs: Remember Me and Reindeer Hokey Pokey
Memory Verse:  Matthew 1:21


Teacher: Ms. Jannely
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Samantha
Songs: Holy Forever (Español) and Feliz Navidad
Memory Verse: Psalm 147:1


Happy Birthday, Jesus