Dr. Lori Kelly, Kelsey Pyzalski

Lambs and Bunnies

Teachers: Ms. Mindy, Ms. Melissa
Song: Jingle Bells


Teachers: Ms. Jessica
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Maria
Song: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Lemurs and Tree Frogs

Teachers: Ms. Mikah, Ms. Kristen
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Aubrey
Songs: Jingle Bells, If It's Christmas and You Know It

Koala and Cheetahs

Teachers: Ms. Joann, Ms. Courtney
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Kaylee
Songs: Happy and You Know It, Go Tell it on the Mountain

Panda and Toucan

Teachers: Ms. Amanda, Ms. Sheila
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Paityn
Songs: This Little Light of Mine, One Little Finger

Dolphin and Sea Otter

Teachers: Ms. Mackenzy, Ms. Cammie
Songs: Baby Jesus We Love You, It’s Christmas

Penguin and Husky

Teachers: Ms. Jannely, Ms. Shelley
Assistant Teachers: Ms. Marybeth, Ms. Andi
Songs: Feliz Navidad, Away in a Manger

Snowy Owl and Polar Bear

Teachers: Ms. Robin, Ms. Cathy
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Abbie
Songs: I’m Gonna Wrap up Myself Christmas, Reindeer Pokey
Verse: Isaiah 9:6


Teachers: Ms. Joslynn, Ms. Brooke
Assistant Teacher: Ms. Alexis
Songs: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Christmas Wrapping ‘Rap’
Verse: Psalms 100


Happy Birthday, Jesus


Ms. Sherrian, Ms. Fran, Ms. Amber, Ms. Jolene, Ms. Sara

stage help

Ms. Meghan, Ms. Rachel, Mr. Steven