2018 Spring Vision Night Recap

2018 Spring Vision Night Recap
April 22, 2018 Jason Berry

Did you miss what was announced at Vision Night? Good news! We recorded it for you.

You can watch Vision Night in the video below or continue reading for a text summary of the meeting.

Summit Vision Night • Monday, April 16, 2018

The meeting began with Executive Pastor Jason Berry welcoming everyone and celebrating key moments during the 2017-2018 school year. He mentioned great moments in athletics, fine arts, academics, and spiritual life. He thanked everyone for their participation in the 30 for 30 campaign which provided funding to complete the Summit Secondary Café and monies for a new school vehicle. Mr. Giddens will lead the vehicle selection and negotiations over the summer months.

Pastor Ron Woods, lead pastor of The Assembly, took the floor and spoke about the importance of enrollment and re-enrollment. He reminded parents that this is the last year that the re-enrollment process is required as the school will move to a Continuous Enrollment policy for the 2019-2020 school year.

Pastor Ron announced the launch and purpose of Walk-In Week. It’s a week set aside to welcome prospective families to tour SCA. An incentive program for referrals was announced that offers current families $500 if they bring a new family to SCA. (Complete details about this program are available at SCA-Eagles.com/walk-in-week.)

Shifting to a new topic, Pastor Ron reminded everyone, “We have decided that greatness is not a function of our circumstance, it’s a choice. We will never say, ‘If we just had this we could be great.’ We will be great regardless.” He continued by stating that it is important for us to focus on addional campus upgrades that will energize and bolster pride within our student body.

Pastor Ron announced three major summer projects.

COST: $400,000

The Assembly has evaluated the explosive growth of the Rose District and has announced that it is going to open a second church campus. The Assembly will be one church with two locations. Saturday night services will be held in the Summit Auditorium beginning in January 2019. The church will be making $400,000 in renovations and improvements to enhance the Student Center, the lobby, and the lobby restrooms. This is not an SCA initiative; it is strictly a church initiative.

Pastor Ron is hopeful that these renovations will be completed when students return in August. The auditorium will be getting a new sound system, lighting system, staging, and painting. The benefit to SCA is that our small fine arts productions and weekly chapels will have an excellent environment to prepare and perform for smaller crowds.

“The auditorium at 101st and 129th is always available because we don’t want this idea of us and them (the church, the school). No, we are us. So, everything we have at the “south campus” is 100% available for school usage.”

COST: $100,000

The floor of the current school gymnasium is in disrepair. It has been repaired numerous times and can no longer be fixed. We want to remove the current floor and put in an all new floor. At the same time, we want to repair and paint the walls and ceilings. Our goal is to complete the project during the summer months.

The gym is used every day, all day during the school year by 17 basketball teams and six volleyball teams. In addition, the room is used as a lunchroom each day.

“We can do better. We must do better. Let’s do better. I want to put this in front of us as a school family to try and raise the money and get this done. This is a significant project,” Pastor Ron continued, “The reason I led with the church investment is because I want you to know that the church is totally invested. Every year, the church is putting in a half million dollars to make this school happen. Tuition dollars take care of teachers, administration, and curriculum. Utilities, insurance, maintenance, and janitorial needs, the church commits to that.”

“If we can come strong on the school side, we are going to take this place to a whole different environment in quality, energy, and atmosphere, with all that we can do.”

COST: $50,000

The current cafeteria that currently serves our preschool and K-2 students is in desperate need of renovation. The room needs a new layout, seating, and painting. Our food services department needs more room to serve our students properly. Pastor Ron shared an illustration of the proposed new layout. The project would expand the kitchen space, add additional appliances, and redecorate with a fun and inviting environment.

Having this space will help us keep the youngest children from daily having to cross the street. It will provide more space for parents to visit and eat with students. It will provide proper warming and serving space for our food services’ team. It will increase our available gym time by 2 hours each day.

NOTE: While not covered in the meeting, gym time will increase by providing new fold-up tables for grades 3-6 and moving all of 7-12 to the secondary café for lunch. A new lunch schedule and format would reduce the number of students eating in the gym and require less time to set up and tear down each day.



Pastor Ron announced, “It is time for us, not just to renovate here, but to build a brand-new gym.”

“We are desperately needing a new gym, but this is a project that’s going to take all of us. The church will join in, but we need Summit families to help us.”

Pastor Ron explained that the church has 1.4 million in projects already in process. The church expects to pay for these projects in cash by August 2019. However, the church/school board has commissioned architects to begin working on the new gymnasium design that will be located on the South Campus. The goal is to present blueprints and concepts to Summit families in August of 2018.

This August, we will formalize a fundraising effort within the Summit family. Pastor Jason Berry will oversee the project along with a Dream Team of Summit Parents led by Board Member Chad Burnett. The school will set fundraising goals and work hard to raise as much as possible; then the church will come along side and finish the project. A construction date has not been set and will be dependent on the fundraising efforts.

“Hey, let’s believe. I believe this is going to get done a lot faster than we may think because God is blessing what is happening,” encouraged Pastor Ron.


We need to raise $150,000 to get the summer projects started and completed. In the next six weeks, we need to get it done. If 150 people give $1,000, we can get both of our summer projects rolling.

150 envelopes were available at the meeting. We challenged everyone to take an envelope and return it with $1,000 before May 23. The earlier the better, as we need lead time to process the flooring order.

Pastor Ron expressed his personal commitment to the project and explained the envelopes, “We need an indicator. If after tonight we have $25,000, that’s awesome, but we know we can’t start. We have to have a good indicator of the energy that you (Summit Families) have to get this done, because we can’t do it without the money. This is a school project, 100%.”

Pastor Ron ended the meeting by taking a few questions and closed in prayer. Before dismissing, Ron clarified that the priority of the projects would be the gymnasium renovation first, and the elementary cafeteria remodel, second. If we can only fund one of the two projects this summer, the gymnasium will be first.


We are excited to note than nearly half of the envelopes were taken by the end of the night. The percentage of participation of those in attendance was outstanding. We are so thankful for everyone who chose to be a part of this summer project.


If you took an envelope at the meeting, we ask that you, please return it along with your donation to the school office or to our bookkeeper, Mellody Jackson. You may also give online at SCA-Eagles.com/give

We know that not all of our parents could attend this meeting. We are asking for everyone’s help in making these critical remodel projects possible. If you would like to join others in giving $1,000 before May 23, please let us know. Email Mr. Giddens (dgiddens@sca-eagles.com) of your intention to participate. Again, this helps us to have an indicator of when and what we can order from the various contractors.

We also invite you to give during the Summit Give-A-Thon on Wednesday, April 25. The students will be live and taking calls from 9am-3pm on this day. Log in, watch, laugh, and give at www.SCA.tv. Proceeds from the Give-A-Thon will go towards the completion of the gymnasium and elementary café remodeling projects.