Laptop Pilot Program

Summit Laptop Purchase Program

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Summit Laptop Purchase Program

Summit has partnered with Microsoft to offer the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go to our students.

As Summit students move from elementary to intermediate and high school, they are required to provide a personal laptop for daily classroom use and homework. The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) program was established eight years ago, and we've learned a few things along the way.

The Summit laptop purchase program allows parents to order a Microsoft laptop through Summit. Our goal is to reduce the stress on families shopping for a suitable device and help our teachers by reducing the number of different devices they have to support.

Meet the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go!

The lightweight Surface Laptop Go includes:

  • An Intel i5 processor
  • 8GB of RAM
  • A 128GB solid-state hard drive.

Your student can choose between three colors:

  • Platinum (Silver)
  • Sandstone (Gold/ Pink)
  • or Ice Blue

Summit’s laptop package will provide a protective shell made by Urban Armor Gear that meets military drop-test standards providing increased shock protection.

Laptop Program • Device Management Details

Summit’s IT Department will manage these devices. For two years, laptops purchased through this program will be restricted to school-related software only. Parents may request an administrative account, but students will not be allowed to install programs without permission from Summit's IT department during the coverage agreement. The purpose of this policy is to keep the devices up to speed for their intended educational purposes. Experience has taught us that games, video downloads, and other installations often slow machines down and leave students waiting in class longer than necessary.

Device Warranty and Service

Microsoft warranty support is good for 12 months. Summit will add 12 months to provide a total 24 months of in-house support. We will support laptop issues related to regular use – including software and hardware – providing the device remains in the UAG protective shell. We will not cover damages we deem to be caused by misuse or accidents outside the school facilities.

Pricing and Payment Plan

The Microsoft Surface Go laptop, UAG protective cover, pre-configuration services, laptop loaner program, and 24 months of in-house service is available for just $725.

  • The total amount will be added to your Summit FACTS account and payable in monthly installments during the 2021-2022 school year.
  • If your family leaves Summit during the school year, the total balance due must be paid before any student records will be released.

We hope you'll find the device we've selected and the incentives we offer enticing enough for you to join this pilot program. The deadline to accept this offer is May 31. You may order using the form below.

This is an optional program. If you are not interested, you are still free to provide any Windows 10 laptop (no chrome laptops) provided they meet the minimum requirements of our BYOD program.

  • Laptop requirements are on our website at
  • Computer setup instructions for those providing their own device are available at
  • Summit provides and requires all students to use our version of Microsoft Office, antivirus software, and LanSchool. Summit IT does not provide device support for laptops purchased outside of our pilot program. We recommend purchasing an extended warranty for your device.

We believe this is the best possible deal for your student, and it will provide the best classroom experience throughout the school year. If you have any questions about this pilot program, please reach out to Jason Berry via email -


Why purchase a Microsfot laptop through Summit?

  • Free Setup - Summit IT will pre-configure the device to be ready for classroom use on day one.
  • Extended Warranty - Summit IT will provide warranty service for two years.
  • In-House Service and Support - If the laptop breaks, Summit IT will provide a free loaner device during the repair process.
  • Flexible Payments - You can pay for the laptop all at once or spread payments out over 10 months interest-free by adding it to your FACTS tuition payments.
  • Great Value - Microsoft offers us special pricing that we pass on to you. We also include a protective cover to help extend the life of the device. Purchases through this program are also tax-free.

Why did Summit chosoe this Microsoft laptop?

  • Value - The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is a quality entry-level device that should not be compared to cheaper "disposable" laptops. (Reviews:  TechRadarPC Magazine )
  • Quality - The Surface Laptop Go is sturdy, reliable, and offers all of the features our teachers like to see in a student laptop. It has a premium-feeling keyboard and the 12.4-inch screen makes it perfect for classroom use.
  • Dependability - Entry-level (cheaper) devices may exist, but they do not hold up to school life. Of the 50 Microsoft laptops we deployed in our 2021 pilot program, only one required service not related to physical damage.
  • Longevity - The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is not entry-level, but it's also not high-end. If properly cared for, the technical specifications should meet the need of your student for many years.