Children have a natural curiosity and love for technology. Summit’s integration of technology into classroom learning inspires our students to consume information on a new level.

Technology’s pace is rapid, so each year we reevaluate curriculum readiness, cost, network infrastructure, teacher training, software, and the impact of students and families.

We have two computer labs, classroom projectors, fiber connectivity, campus-wide wifi, teacher laptops, and an exciting new focus on technology integration in every classroom. Many of our textbooks are moving to online versions, and students are trained to use the latest Microsoft Office products – skills most employers look for in new hires.

In addition, every kindergarten and first-grade class has iPads, every second- to sixth-grade class has laptops, and our middle and secondary school students work in a Bring Your Own Device environment. Teachers are able to view, lock, shut down, or take control of any device in their classroom. These laptops – for which we provide antivirus software – expand our students’ learning potential, equipping them with tools to enhance research, study, and collaboration.