Classroom Technology

Children have a natural curiosity and love for technology. Summit’s integration of technology into classroom learning inspires our students to consume information on a new level.

Technology’s pace is rapid, so each year, we reevaluate curriculum readiness, cost, network infrastructure, teacher training, software, and the impact on students and families.

We offer computer labs, classroom projection, fiber connectivity, campus-wide wifi, and a focus on technology integration in every classroom. Many textbooks now offer online versions, and students are trained to use the latest Microsoft Office products – skills most employers look for in new hires. Canvas is our new Learning Management System that allows students to submit assignments and keep up on work that they may have missed.

In addition, every kindergarten and first-grade class has iPads, every second to fourth-grade class has laptops, and our Intermediate and High School students work in a Bring Your Own Device environment. These laptops – for which we provide antivirus software – expand our students’ learning potential, equipping them with tools to enhance research, study, and collaboration. 



Under the BYOD Program, students in grades 5-12 are expected to bring their own computing device to school each day. This personal computing device needs to meet the Device Specifications recommended by the school and listed below.

The device specifications identify the minimum system requirements/hardware specifications for student devices and offer guidance on some suggested makes and models so that parents are fully informed about requirements.

Device Type
Operating System OSX 10.11 or Higher Windows 11
Recommended Screen Size 11”-13” 11”-13”
Minimum Processor Apple M1 Intel i5 (Equivalent or Better)
Recommended Processor Apple M1 Intel i5 / AMD Ryzen 5 (Equivalent or Better)
Minimum Storage Capacity (SSD or HD) 128GB 128GB
Recommended Storage Capacity (SSD or HD) 128GB or Higher 128GB or Higher
Minimum RAM 4GB 4GB
Recommended RAM 8GB or Higher 8GB or Higher
* Wireless 5GHZ 802.11n 5GHZ 802.11n
Minimum Battery Life 6 Hours 6 Hours
Suggested Accessories Padded Laptop Backpack; Protective Case/Cover; Earbuds; Service Protection Plan Padded Laptop Backpack; Protective Case/Cover; Earbuds; Service Protection Plan
Software Provided by SCA Managed Antivirus Software; LanSchool; Canvas; Microsoft Office 365 Managed Antivirus Software; LanSchool; Canvas; Microsoft Office 365

* This may be advertised as “Dual Band Wireless,” “802.11abgn,” “802.11agn,” “802.11ac,” or “Gigabit Wireless.”

Non-Approved Devices:

Chromebook, iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Version "S" (Devices pre-loaded with Windows "S" can be easily corrected using this method.)



Have a question about our BYOD program or a device purchase?