Tuition Assistance

K-12 Financial Aid

Tuition Assistance


Tuition assistance is awarded to K-12 families based on recommendations provided to the school by FACTS Grant and Aid Assessments. Tuition support can range from 5% to 40%. All awards are subject to the availability of funds. Books, fees, lunches, and uniforms are not included in tuition rates.

We understand the decision to provide a private school education represents a significant financial investment in a child’s future. We also understand that for many families, the idea of affording a private school education seems impossible. We desire to make it possible for a diverse population of families to enroll their children at Summit.

We believe what we do here matters in equipping students for kingdom purposes in college and beyond. We see the evidence of how a Summit education makes a difference in the future of our students. Therefore, all families who are concerned they cannot afford SCA’s education for their children are encouraged to apply.

What You Should Know

  • TUITION ASSISTANCE IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR OUR K-12 PROGRAM.  This program does not apply to Summit Early Learning Center.
  • No student is given tuition assistance for academic or athletic ability. SCA does not provide merit scholarships of any kind.
  • To maintain your privacy, we use an outside organization, FACTS, to collect and review all private financial documents. FACTS will return recommendations to us on how to allocate available tuition support.
  • The average tuition assistance grant is not intended to cover the total tuition costs. The family is responsible for payment of the tuition and fees above the grant amount.
  • Parents must reapply each year for tuition assistance. Each year, the tuition assistance application process will include an evaluation of the level of academic effort, cooperation, and commitment to Kingdom education on the part of both the parents and the student.
  • Current students/applicants must automatically re-enroll, have an account in good standing, and be accepted in order to be considered for tuition assistance.\
  • Applications for admission and tuition assistance are submitted simultaneously even though admission decisions are made beginning in May, and tuition assistance decisions are not made until May or June.
  • Availability of tuition assistance diminishes greatly for applications received after April.

Tuition Assistance Process

The application and reward process for need-based tuition assistance is as follows:

  1. After February 1, parents apply for tuition assistance with a third party, FACTS (, no later than April 15 of the spring prior to the academic school year assistance is needed. In order to process a tuition assistance application, FACTS requires that the family submit:
    • Completed tax return for the prior year
    • Copies of each parent's W-2 forms
  2. After the FACTS application review, SCA is notified of the amount of qualified need toward the total tuition bill (of all students) for the family.
  3. The qualifying amount is reviewed, and an assistance a­mount is determined based upon a combination of factors, including the amount qualified for, the amount of assistance dollars available, the academic effort put forth by the student, the conduct and attitude of the student, and the level of cooperation and commitment to Kingdom education on the part of the parents.
  4. FACTS qualified applicants will then be directed to submit an application via OSF (Oklahoma Scholarship Fund) at OSF is where we house our donations raised to fund our tuition assistance program. You will need:
    • First two pages of your completed prior year 1040 tax form.  
    • Acceptance letter from Summit.  

Financial Aid Process Timeline

We review the applications in bulk after all applications are received and processed by FACTS, not as they trickle in.

  1. March 1 - Financial Aid applications are open for the upcoming school year.
  2. April 15 - Deadline for submitting Financial Aid applications.
  3. May 15 - FACTS Financial Aid application recommendations are reviewed by Summit Administration.
  4. June 1 - Parents are notified of their eligibility and the amount of Financial Aid awarded by FACTS. Recipients must have completed both the FACTS & OSF portions of the aid process before financial aid is applied to a student’s tuition account. Payment plans begin in July. 

Any questions regarding the financial assistance application process should be directed to Angel Slingerland in our finance office at