Pre-ACT for Sophomores

The Pre-ACT, offered to all SCA sophomores, will be given next Tuesday, October 1 in the Summit auditorium.  All sophomores will test on this day.  Students should arrive at the front lobby by 8:15 AM.  We will finish testing by noon, and students can resume their school day at that time.

Here are some reminders for test day:

  • Students should wear layers.  The  sanctuary is kept cool for testing, so a hoodie or sweater is advised.  Students may wear spirit wear for testing.
  • Students may use a wristwatch for personal time keeping, but they may NOT have electronic devices, such as cell phones or Apple watches, in the testing area.
  • Students should bring two #2 pencils. THEY MAY NOT USE MECHANICAL PENCILS FOR THIS TEST.  We will have extra, sharpened pencils for use throughout the test.
  • Students may use an approved calculator on the math portion of the test.  To check approval of your student’s calculator, go to the website  The math portion of the test is written so students can answer questions without a calculator; extra calculators will not be provided.
  • Students should get a good night’s sleep before the test, and they should eat breakfast.  Bottled water and snacks will be available for the break.

Please contact Dr. Melissa Thibodeau ( if you have questions about testing.  Further info on the Pre-ACT can be found on the ACT website.  If a student misses the test on October 1, there is no make up, so it’s important that every sophomore comes to school that day ready to test.