Elementary Reading Contest

Adventure Awaits!

Hey Summit Elementary! Are you ready for a fun reading adventure? This year, our school's reading contest is themed "Gone Reading." Think of yourself as a cool fisherman. Each book is like a new part of the sea where you can find all sorts of fun stories. When you start reading, it's like you're throwing your fishing line into the water, ready to catch exciting stories, make friends with interesting characters, and sail through big adventures.

The "Gone Reading" reading contest runs February 20 - March 13. Click the buttons below to see what's happening for your grade. Let's hop into our reading boats and go fishing for some awesome book treasures! 🎣📖🚣‍♂️

A RED CARPET READING CELEBRATION DAY AWAITS if we reach our school's goal of 15,000 points. Together, we can do it!

Contest Expectations 2024

Reading Contest Details

  • School Reading Goal • 100% of 15,000 Points - WE DID IT!!!


We'll have a RED CARPET blast on March 27 if we reach our goal of 15,000 points!